Tuesday, December 21, 2010

6 weeks since my last post... YIKES

I know it has been a while since my last official post. The teaser post was just because I felt so bad. I really need to start setting aside some time to do this once a week. We'll see if that actually happens.
Things are blowing and going. Porter is getting so big and changes every day. He also surprises us with some new thing he does or tries on a regular basis as well. As I'm sure anyone with kids knows... having a little one consumes pretty much everything you do. (When does that stop???) Jeff and I adjust with what he needs and what he demands pretty well. Or at least I feel like we do. The dogs act like they are mistreated and I do feel sorry for them right now. We have had a very eventful 6 weeks... so lets get to business.
Porter is awesome. He is so much fun and has such a bright personality. I enjoy watching him during the day when he is playing... just to see what he will try. Here are some new things he has going for him...
1. He is weighing about 16.75 pounds and is around 25 1/2 inches.
2. He is wearing some 3-6 month clothes and some 6 to 6-9 month clothes
3. We bought him his first pair of baby tennis shoes... and he loves them.
4. His hair is finally filling back in from his cradle cap... YAY! No more receding hairline.
5. He has decided that his reflection is just about the coolest thing in the world.

6. He has figured out his voice and likes to hear himself talk.
7. Standing up is one of his favorite things to do.

8. His excersaucer has been a lifesaver for keeping him entertained.

9. Whoever invented the Bumbo seat is a genius.
10. He is doing pretty good at reaching and batting at objects. (We're working on picking them up)
11. He is a drooling fool! (I pray that he isn't an early teether)
12. He is the sweetest... most loving... most cuddly baby ever.
13. His facial expressions are priceless.
14. He is not a fan of tummy time... So he has learned how to ROLL OVER! Now it is a battle for tummy time. I've attached a video at the bottom. He's so cute when he does it...
15. He has his Mommy wrapped around his little finger.
16. And Daddy too.
Next... Jeff and I have some exciting news! (No I'm not pregnant again)
We're are officially owners of a nice little plot of land that we are hoping to build on sometime next year. It is in Aledo about 7 minutes from where we live now. We will be putting our house on the market sometime in late January or early February. Soooo... if anyone is interested! Here are a couple of pictures.

I am working on drawing up a house plan. And will hopefully have that wrapped up soon. We still have to find an architect to draw up our blueprints... so if you know anyone please let me know. We want to have everything ready to go in case we get lucky and sell the house sooner... rather than later.
Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual (I know we just had Christmas...that will have to be a separate post). We had a great time with Jeff's family on Thanksgiving day. The food was yummy and the company was even better. His Uncle Randy was able to come up this year and we were so excited for him to meet Porter. Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving day.

Porter and Nanny

Porter and Keith (he hasn't decided on a name yet)
Porter and Randy

That weekend my brother and his family came up from Montgomery and we had Thanksgiving with them at our house. It was so much fun to spend the day with them. Shelby and Wyatt are adorable as ever and Porter loved getting to meet everyone. Sadly... I didn't take any pictures of all the kids together... and my mom hasn't sent me any of her pictures... but I do have a couple of Shelby and Wyatt. I must say... other than my little man, they are two of the cutest kids ever.

Next we had our big family Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Pack side of my family. We have it at my Uncle Randy and Aunt Marion's ranch and everyone... except Justin was in attendance. While I missed him terribly... I appreciate that he didn't come and infect any of us with his sickness. Papa had kind of a rough start... but ended up having a pretty good day. My Uncle Duke dressed up like Santa Claus and brought toys for all the kiddos and they all took pictures with him. I was so happy that we were able to get a Santa picture with Porter without having to go to the mall... and I think it's pretty cool that his first Santa picture is with his great uncle. Porter was such a trooper and took everything in. He loved it so much he stayed up until after midnight. I finally had to rock him to sleep in the recliner and hold him the rest of the night so he would sleep. Let's just say it was a rough night. Here are a few pictures of that day.
Porter and Santa
The Pack Family 2010
The girl cousins... and Shelby with Santa

Porter loves Uncle Duke... and his Ninny
And this is a picture I am so thankful to have. Porter and his great-grandfather (aka: Papa) and myself. I was blessed with this amazing man as my Papa... and not a day goes by that I do not thank God for him and Mimi. I am so happy that Porter was able to meet him and spend a little time with him. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities for this.

Christmas is going to have to be on another post... I am all storied out! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and continues it with a happy New Year! Oh... and tune in Saturday to the Rose Bowl... GOOOO FROGS!

The Anderson's

(this is my first video download... I hope it works)

I know... I know

I'm horrible at this blogging thing. I really will try to get better! This is just a little teaser post... I am actually working on a new post about the last month (or so)... but it takes a lot longer now to complete one. We've had a lot going on... a ton of things to tell you... a few big news items... and Christmas in just a few days. I hope that I get the post finished before then.
But just in case... here are a few pics as a preview of what is to come.

Oh... and if you do actually follow this little blog of ours... become a follower. I like to know those of you that are keeping tabs on us. It's exciting to see that people actually read this.

Love, E...J...&P

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I posted... and I do apologize to those of you who actually read this. We have had a lot going on... and our little blog hasn't even crossed my mind.
Porter is getting so big... when we weighed him yesterday he was at 13.4 pounds! Seriously... homeboy is gaining weight like it is no body's business. (The good news for me... the more he eats... the more I lose) EAT AWAY little man... eat away! I am pretty anxious to see how long he is at this point. Next week we will know!
He has his two month check-up next Friday and I am excited to see Dr. Jones and find out how he thinks Porter is doing... but I am so sad because I know Porter will be getting 4 shots. (insert sad face) I told Jeff if he could go into work late and go to the appointment with me it would be great. I think the shots are going to hurt me more than they will Porter. I am going to ask Dr. Jones about his little belly button. It seems to be a little tender and it is still pretty soft and sticks out. I just want to make sure that it is normal. Other than that... I think he's a super healthy little guy.
Halloween was great. We trick or treated at Nanny and G-Dad's (Anderson's) house and then headed over to Gammy and Pop's (Porter's). Jeff and his dad went to the World Series game and I didn't want to be alone trying to take care of Porter and deal with trick or treaters. So he and I spent the evening with my parents. It was fun to see all the kiddos dressed up and I even got to see some old friends from high school out with their little ones. Porter wasn't a big fan of his costume... but we managed to get a few cute pics of him in it. *Note to self for next year... when it says 0-6 months they really mean 0-2T... I swear my nephew could have worn this costume and he's a year and half. But we made it work.
(Halloween 2010... Monkey)
I am so excited that the weather is changing. I just hope this time it stays cooler. I love Fall... I love the changing of leaves... the cooler temperatures... the earlier nighttime... I watch in awe of God's art!
Oh and... sweaters... boots... tights... all of it! And... I love all the adorable cold weather clothes for baby boy... I can't wait to see him in all of it.
Some things we have done lately:
1. Hung out with Mimi and Aunt Debbie
2. Met Katie... Sarah... Ash and Lynton
3. Took family pictures... a little teaser pic...

(taken with Keith's camera)
4. Porter decided that his mobile is his favorite thing! No kidding... the kid loves his mobile.
5. He pays attention to stories more. So far Curious George holds his attention the best.
6. Met Kristin and was able to spend a lot of time with her... Mommy enjoyed having her around!
7. Started eating every 4-6 hours... instead of every 2! (If blogs had a "like" button... I would like this)
8. Has started cooing and sort of giggling.
9. Started noticing toys a little more.
10. Porter sitting in his excersaucer with a little help from a trusty blanket.
11. Got to meet Justin and Tarah... Justin is officially hired for babysitting duty anytime he is in town. Loved having them!
Some things we are looking forward to:
1. GOING BACK TO CHURCH... I feel so much more whole when I go to church.
2. Getting to see all my old co-workers (I really miss them)
3. Thanksgiving... Thursday with the Anderson Fam and the Saturday with the Porter Fam (especially getting to love on these two)

(Shelby and Wyatt going to the Zoo)
4. Porter getting on a normal schedule and sleeping through the night.
5. Getting some alone time with my hubby tomorrow night! Thanks Gammy and Pops!!!
And finally... pictures...
(laughing at my Mommy)
(looking at my reflection)
(Don't I look like my Daddy in this pic)
(chillin' in my excersaucer)
(Sweetest smile ever)
(Sleepy boy)
(Noticing my mobile)
(I seriously LOVE my mobile)
(Noticing the lights on my playmat for the first time)
(Mommy and I on Halloween)
(Sitting on Daddy's shoulder)
(We didn't let him stay like that for long... but it was too cute and funny to pass up)
Happy Weekend everyone!
Love... E

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I love the rain... I love the excuse to sit around and do nothing... and I love watching Jeff and Porter together. When I got out of the shower this is what I found...

I would like to point out... Jeff said when they layed down Porter was straight on him... this is where he moved himself to for comfort.

That is the face of a tired little boy.
Here's hoping tomorrow is another rainy day.
And just because... this was Thursday in his bouncer... he was moving his arms around and would touch the toys hanging in front of him... the star on rattles and he thought the noises were hilarious. Of course I seized the opportunity for a photo shoot and rattled it until I got a good picture of him.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Month Already???!!!

I cannot believe he is already a month old! They say that time flies... but seriously...can we slow it down a little?
We had his one month check up yesterday and Dr. Jones said he looks great. He weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 5 ounces and was measuring 22 1/4 inches long. Which puts him in the 75th percentile for growth. Which is really exciting since we were having some weight gain problems in the beginning. Apparently he is making up for lost time. He has now outgrown all but 3 sleep and plays that are newborn sizes and we moved up in diaper sizes on Monday. At the rate he's going we're going to be in 6 month sizes before the year is over.
He has been holding his head up and now has really good control over it. He looks around and is fascinated with our wall of crosses. I think it is because there is such a big contrast between them and the cream colored walls. We have "tummy time" everyday... but he just does not like being on his stomach. He starts kicking and pushing with his feet... twice now he has actually managed to push himself over onto his back. Which absolutely amazed me. He is constantly working his legs and pushing against me when I'm holding him. I have a feeling he's gonna be mobile sooner rather than later.
Look how strong I am
He is a becoming a really good sleeper. Last night he slept from 11:30 p.m. to 4:45 a.m. I really appreciate the night of sleep. I have found that he sleeps better on his side than he does on his back. So I have started putting him down that way with blankets rolled up on either side of him.

Sleepy boy!
Of course his favorite place to sleep is on us... he passes out... and I mean straight up... passes out. He goes comatose. It's hilarious. He could sleep like this for hours... and so could I. He's such a good cuddle buddy.

I love sleeping on Mommy!
His next appointment is going to be November 19th... and I have to say that I am not excited about it. He has to get his first round of vaccinations. 4 shots at one time... I hope I don't cry... poor little man.
And last but not least... I would like to point out that the following never happens... I guess I shouldn't say never... it rarely ever happens. We had some people over on Sunday and my sweet cousins hubby, Kevin, swore up and down that he doesn't hold babies until they are at least 6 months old... well... our little man is just too irresistible... please note the proof below.
Kebin... you're a natural... Love, Porter.
Y'all have a good week.
Love, E

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today I got this response to silly faces and goofy talking... Even though I felt like a complete weirdo... it made it so worth it.
And then he did this... and my heart melted all over again. I love this kid more than words can even describe.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend... and GOOO RANGERS!
Love you,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Entered into our lives:
Sunday, September 19, 2010
11:21 pm
8 pounds 9 ounces
20 1/2 inches long
One of my very first pictures ever.

He is absolutely perfect! Jeff and I feel so incredibly blessed that we have our little man here to hold and love. And I might be partial... but I think he is the the most gorgeous baby ever.

I'll spare everyone details... and just let you know that our delivery was pretty much perfect. I was induced around 7:30am on Sunday and started "active" labor around 10pm. And as I said, he decided to grace us with his prescence at 11:21 pm. All in all, the experience was nothing like what I was expecting and Jeff was amazing through it. More on him in a moment...

So far... Porter is awesome. He is sweet, loving, cuddly, and I'm sorry... but gassy. Boy can seriously pass some gas. I never thought I would say it... but it's so cute... and funny at the same time. He HATES having his diaper changed and being naked (which I'm sure will change). He really doesn't like being swaddled. He loves being able to stretch out and sleeping on our chests. he's already taking after his Daddy in loving the outdoors. I think we could sit outside all day long and he would be perfectly content. Our feeding and sleeping schedule is getting a little bit more normal. He has been sleeping for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours at night and then eating and sleeping for another 3-4 hours. It is so nice. He makes the most adorable faces when he's asleep. I love watching them. I think once he figures it out... he's going to have the prettiest smile. Here's a little sneak peek...

Do you see my cute little grin??? :)

We had a little fight with jaundice and couldn't get his numbers to go down so we had to have some Bili lights brought out to the house. I had a hard time with the "tanning bed" when they first brought it out... but as it turns out, Porter really didn't mind it all that much. His numbers went from an 18.4 to a 12.6 overnight and we were so happy. Doctors office 4 days in row... heel pricks 4 days in a row... no fun.
Me in my "tanning bed"

Having Jeff home has been such a phenomenal experience for us as a family. I love watching him with Porter. I love seeing them interact. It has been such a bonding experience for us and everyone kept saying it... and they were right... this is time that we will never be able to get back. On the other side of it... I have been so humbled by labor, delivery, and the aftermath of all of it. Jeff has taken such good care of me over the last 2 weeks. I really feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world. He is such an amazing husband and an even better father. I love him with all that I am and all that I have. We are going to miss him so much when he goes back to work tomorrow. :(

I love Daddy!

Just chil-axing with my daddy!
And now for what you all really want...pictures...
After my first bath!
Sitting outside with Mommy
"Current Family Favorite"
Mommy and Me

I promise to try and update fairly often... but I won't say how often it will be. Once Porter and I get on a more regular schedule it will be easier. For now... I leave you with what has become the most beautiful sight to me.

Also... we would like to thank everyone that came and visited us in the hospital. It was great to see everyone and we feel very blessed to have so many people that care. All of our love.
The Andersons