Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crawling, climbing, and trying...

We have been doing so many fun things that once again... the blog got away from me. Porter is crawling like a maniac... climbing like a monkey... and trying so hard to walk. The funny thing is, he can actually do it. He gets in his walker and goes into our bedroom (on the carpet) and lifts the walker up to get across the room. The way I figure it, if he can hold the walker up and maneuver his way around the bedroom he can for sure walk. Unfortunately, anytime he realizes the hes not being held on to any longer, he freaks out and sits down. Oh well, I'm in no rush for him to walk. He's enough to handle now as it is.

My sweet niece Shelby got to come up for a few days and we were able to play with her for a couple of days. We went to the museum with my mom and Shelby and my cousin Sawyer and her little boy Jackson. If you live in the FW area and haven't been to the newly remodeled Science Museum, you have to go. They have so many fun activities and areas for kids. With how hot it has been, it is perfect for the kids to play.

Porter, Shelby, and Jackson

Shelby, me and Porter

That's a big ole hula-hoop!

Another exciting moment... Porter got to go on his first ever plane ride. Jeff's dad bought a small 6 seater plane and we took it up for a little while a couple of weekends ago. Porter did great. I got a few arm squeezes when we would drop suddenly, but he loved it. He looked out the window and checked out the sights the entire time. It was amazing.

He kept trying to open/close the window, so I was holding open so he wouldn't squish his little fingers!

"Mom, mom... are you seeing this!"

Hanging with my daddy!

The Anderson men... and their new toy!

Porter is growing and changing daily. He learned in the last couple of days how to point. So now he is pointing at everything. He is saying mama and his version of dada is more like "did". He still says ball and dog sounds a lot like "dag".

"Can I have the camera please Daddy?"

He's dangerous in this thing!

He likes me... really he does.

Not as much as he likes food though

...or the bulb that goes to my baster.

He has already begun the climbing phase (insert sigh here). I was really hoping we could wait a little longer for that phase... but no no. He climbs on everything. The dishwasher door, the chair in his room, his crib (when he is on the floor), the shelf inside the kitchen cabinet... You get the picture.


"What... you mean I'm not supposed to do this?"

"Well since you're not mad at me... I'll smile!"

Something not so fun. Porter finally got sick. We went to the mall last week and 12 hours later, he was running a fever and had some serious "tummy troubles". It lasted about 24 hours and I am so glad that we got that first one out of the way. He was even nice enough to pass it along to Mommy. Lucky for me, it affected me a little differently and I wasn't running any fever. Jeff stayed home from work and took care of us both. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband/daddy!

We are also working on his biting. He gives kisses the same way that he bites, so I don't think it's intentional (98% of the time). But man, that small percentage that it is intentional... Whoa! So we have started biting back. NO FUN! And I have also had to give him a little spanking. Yes it was justified... and yes, MY HEART BROKE!

Can you believe my little man is almost a year old!? We're working on birthday preparations. I picked up his invitations today and I'm so excited to print them and get them out! Any advice for 1st birthday parties is appreciated!

Jeff and I are leaving tomorrow for New Braunfels for the weekend. I am so excited to have a weekend away and so sad to have a weekend away. We will be spending the weekend with my best friends Amy and Tara and their boyfriends. And we also get to see my sweet friend Anne that is flying in from California. What a fun filled weekend! I hope my mom holds up well with Porter! I'm sure it will be perfect for all of us.

Last but not least, if you could all say a couple of prayers for me I would appreciate it. My wonderful Aunt Debbie has been undergoing chemo and radiation and next week she is finishing up her last round of chemo. Also, our wonderful friend Laura, went to Baltimore this week to undergo surgery for her cancer. The surgery went well, but she has a long road to recovery. Please pray for healing in both of them.

Thanks for checking in on us and as always, we love ya!