Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 2012?!

Wow, sorry for being so absent. It has been a busy "almost" 3 months. We had the holidays, which were wonderful. Porter has been growing, playing, running wild, and being such an amazing little man. The holidays... which were amazing. Oh... and in case you don't know, me being pregnant. This poor little old blog took a back seat.
I am due in mid July and had a rough time the first trimester. There was about a month in there that I literally had to drag myself out of bed or off the couch. Luckily for me Porter did so great. He would be really sweet and lay down with me to read his books, started helping me put away his toys when I asked, and entertained himself when I just couldn't do it. We will find out March 7th what we are having. Dr. M said at our last appointment that she is 75-80% sure we are having a little girl. YAY! Here is hoping. Either way we are happy as long as our sweet baby is healthy. But man a girl would be so much fun. We are so excited for the new addition to our family and can't wait until he/she gets here.
Another reason for this poor little blog not being updated... I didn't download pictures from my camera until 2 weeks ago... oh from Thanksgiving. So I finally have them on my computer and now I need to have a full picture post. On my list of things to do tomorrow. Hopefully it will actually happen.
I will also post a picture of the ever growing baby belly for those of you that have asked for it. Who knew the second time around I would balloon out so much faster. At this point with Porter I was still in my normal clothes, enjoying NOT having to wear maternity clothes. Not so much this time around. I'm just hoping this appetite that I have will calm down soon. If it doesn't I am going to gain 100 pounds with this one.
Here is to posting pics tomorrow. Have a good night!

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