Friday, November 12, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I posted... and I do apologize to those of you who actually read this. We have had a lot going on... and our little blog hasn't even crossed my mind.
Porter is getting so big... when we weighed him yesterday he was at 13.4 pounds! Seriously... homeboy is gaining weight like it is no body's business. (The good news for me... the more he eats... the more I lose) EAT AWAY little man... eat away! I am pretty anxious to see how long he is at this point. Next week we will know!
He has his two month check-up next Friday and I am excited to see Dr. Jones and find out how he thinks Porter is doing... but I am so sad because I know Porter will be getting 4 shots. (insert sad face) I told Jeff if he could go into work late and go to the appointment with me it would be great. I think the shots are going to hurt me more than they will Porter. I am going to ask Dr. Jones about his little belly button. It seems to be a little tender and it is still pretty soft and sticks out. I just want to make sure that it is normal. Other than that... I think he's a super healthy little guy.
Halloween was great. We trick or treated at Nanny and G-Dad's (Anderson's) house and then headed over to Gammy and Pop's (Porter's). Jeff and his dad went to the World Series game and I didn't want to be alone trying to take care of Porter and deal with trick or treaters. So he and I spent the evening with my parents. It was fun to see all the kiddos dressed up and I even got to see some old friends from high school out with their little ones. Porter wasn't a big fan of his costume... but we managed to get a few cute pics of him in it. *Note to self for next year... when it says 0-6 months they really mean 0-2T... I swear my nephew could have worn this costume and he's a year and half. But we made it work.
(Halloween 2010... Monkey)
I am so excited that the weather is changing. I just hope this time it stays cooler. I love Fall... I love the changing of leaves... the cooler temperatures... the earlier nighttime... I watch in awe of God's art!
Oh and... sweaters... boots... tights... all of it! And... I love all the adorable cold weather clothes for baby boy... I can't wait to see him in all of it.
Some things we have done lately:
1. Hung out with Mimi and Aunt Debbie
2. Met Katie... Sarah... Ash and Lynton
3. Took family pictures... a little teaser pic...

(taken with Keith's camera)
4. Porter decided that his mobile is his favorite thing! No kidding... the kid loves his mobile.
5. He pays attention to stories more. So far Curious George holds his attention the best.
6. Met Kristin and was able to spend a lot of time with her... Mommy enjoyed having her around!
7. Started eating every 4-6 hours... instead of every 2! (If blogs had a "like" button... I would like this)
8. Has started cooing and sort of giggling.
9. Started noticing toys a little more.
10. Porter sitting in his excersaucer with a little help from a trusty blanket.
11. Got to meet Justin and Tarah... Justin is officially hired for babysitting duty anytime he is in town. Loved having them!
Some things we are looking forward to:
1. GOING BACK TO CHURCH... I feel so much more whole when I go to church.
2. Getting to see all my old co-workers (I really miss them)
3. Thanksgiving... Thursday with the Anderson Fam and the Saturday with the Porter Fam (especially getting to love on these two)

(Shelby and Wyatt going to the Zoo)
4. Porter getting on a normal schedule and sleeping through the night.
5. Getting some alone time with my hubby tomorrow night! Thanks Gammy and Pops!!!
And finally... pictures...
(laughing at my Mommy)
(looking at my reflection)
(Don't I look like my Daddy in this pic)
(chillin' in my excersaucer)
(Sweetest smile ever)
(Sleepy boy)
(Noticing my mobile)
(I seriously LOVE my mobile)
(Noticing the lights on my playmat for the first time)
(Mommy and I on Halloween)
(Sitting on Daddy's shoulder)
(We didn't let him stay like that for long... but it was too cute and funny to pass up)
Happy Weekend everyone!
Love... E