Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just a quick note... I'm getting bigger by the hour (or at least that's how it feels). Porter has dropped a little... but not too much. I am extremely ready for my appointment on Friday morning. I can't wait to see what Dr. Motley says. I'm sure I'll get to hear again that Porter loves his momma and doesn't want to leave her. Well... I have news for him... come Sunday morning at 7am... we're going to start forcing him to come out... want to or not.
I promise to try and keep you guys as updated on everything as possible.
Oh... and I don't know why anyone else wants to see this... but here's a picture from today.
And again I say... blah!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

He's not gonna be a little guy

We had our last sonogram yesterday and I was so happy to be able to see our little guy. I have been having dreams that we went in for sonogram and the tech said "you're little girl is gonna be pretty big." So the first thing I asked our sono tech to verify that we are in fact having a boy. Lucky for us, our guy isn't shy and was proud to show himself off for us. Other than that we got to see his cute little profile. He was blowing us kisses in the pictures of his face. And we're about 90% sure he has inherited my family's nose. We can't wait to be able to see him!

He is weighing in (and this can be off by about a half of a pound either way... per our doc) at a whopping 7.15 pounds. When we met with Dr. Motley I told her she should probably add that additional half pound. She told us that at the rate he's growing by the time we get to 40 weeks, Porter would be around 10 pounds. I figured that was about right... he already feels like he weighs about 15 pounds.

So... that being said, if I do not have him next week... I WILL BE INDUCED ON SUNDAY THE 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! The countdown begins... T minus 9 days!!!!

In other news, we finally got our rocker! It may have taken 4 months to get recovered... but it looks awesome and is super comfortable. Oh.. and I love the green. I usually go for neutrals when it comes to furniture... but I think this is so cute in his room.

I also told y'all I'm really swollen... well I now get to wear carpal tunnel wristbands, because the swelling is so bad that my hands are numb. Motley was worried that I could end up with permanent nerve damage, so the wristbands are supposed to help. I can't say its a ton better, but it helps a little. And then there are my feet and ankles... or what used to be my feet and ankles. They have been replaced by cankles and what Jeff calls my "Shrek Feet". It's awful... most of the time I can feel the tops jiggle while I'm walking. Painful does not describe how bad they are... so I am showing you a picture, ***Please note my school spirit: GO FROGS***

And last but not least... me... blah... that is all.

Love... desperately ready to not be pregnant anymore!